UPDATE: NASA’s Major Mars Discovery Announcement

September 28, 2015, NASA Update

NASA has announced that there has been found out a major breakthrough on the Mars surface. There has been found the existence of liquid saltwater. This in the history of human beings is the very first time that liquid salt water has been found on any planet’s surface besides the earth planet, in the solar system. This is very strong evidence that mars, like earth, can support life.

For many years, scientists have suspected the existence of liquid water on earth but there has never been evidence that is direct enough to support the argument and suspicions, however. The discovery is not only important for life supporting on mars, but it also is vital for missions than can be potentially manned to the mars planet. The discovery is thus very helpful for the future mars travelers. For this reason, human beings can exist in mars and exploit the available resources.

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September 27, 2015
Moreover, the water in the mars planet can cut the cost as well as increasing the activity of human resilience. It can also be used for drinking, cooking as well as cleaning. In other views, the liquid water can be used for the production of breathable oxygen.
In addition, the liquid water can be used for making rocket fuel necessary for launching astronauts to the planet and back to their home planets. Also, in the discovery, it has been found out that there’s existence of minerals that consisted of salt types, molecular water as well as perchlorates. This has evidence that the liquid water found in mars is not fresh but salty.

Only a few days ago, NASA made the call for a press conference to announce a major Mars discovery. The press conference is scheduled for September 28, Monday at 11:30 am local time. The press conference which will revolve around recent findings from the agency’s recent exploration of Mars. The conference will be live and on their website. It will involve a brief question and answer session with reporters. People can ask questions through twitter using the hashtag #AskNASA.

Following the announcement of these press conference, there has been a great buzz over the main announcement which the agency has decided to with-hold until then. Excitement and all forms of speculations have emerged. The most popular speculations are the announcements of the presence of life or presence of flowing water on Mars. These two areas have been the biggest points of focus in studying Mars, with great discoveries being made this year alone.
The most popular of the two theories is that of the discovery of water in the liquid flowing form on Mars’ surface.

The basis for this being that one of the speakers is Lujendra Ojha. Ojha, during his undergraduate years, carried out research on periodic photographs from Mars and developed the theory of presence of flowing salty water, on the planets surface which freezes at lower temperatures. He spotted recurring slope lineae ( RSL) which were seasonal flows or sleeps on the slopes during the hotter or summer period. He co-authored journals on his theory which went on to receive much recognition and more research.

In addition to this fact, the four wheel drive, Curiosity Rover which has been on Mars since 2012 has also discovered traces of water recently. It found rocks containing moisture directly under the surface. This was later tested and identified as liquid brine which lowers freezing point. Traces of a salt called perchlorate was also found. A giant slab of ice below the surface of the earth was found in the mid-latitude areas of the planet.

The discovery of flowing water on Mars would be a great achievement in the study of sustainability of life on Mars. After great speculation, we can only eagerly wait for the press conference in excitement and fear. For most people, this announcement will shape the future of Mars as being either habitable or inhabitable. Either way, NASA will have made a great impact in modern planetary and galactic research. The whole world now looks to this press conference.

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