Vietnam Psychics and Dead Soldiers


“Conscience is no more than the dead speaking to us.” – Jim Carroll

Since 1987, Vietnam government employed groups of psychics to find people killed during the war with the help of its army scouting the jungles to reunite the dead with the living. The Centre for Research Into Human Capabilities are directing these psychic to find the remains of these Vietnamese soldiers.
The centre has parapsychology section lead by Major General Nguyen Chu Phac. The General travelled to test and gather all best psychics to be part of Project TK05 and separate the fraudster from the rest.

Since the beginning of the program, it was reported that thousands of bodies were recovered and officially confirmed by their families and by doing DNA test.

Nguyen Khac Bay is the lead psychic that said to have identified at least 500 bodies in 2005. Dozens of families arrive everyday to his small apartment carrying hope to contact their dead relatives.
Report said that Bay’s another ability is to locate criminals by telepathy or remote viewing and he can sense them using his “10 thousand mile vision”.

Another independent psychic named Vu Thi Minh Nghia is also helping to locate those fallen soldiers. She claimed that almost 4000 bodies have been identified.
According to her, the near death experiences she encountered made her sensible to the spirit world and she can see them as clearly as the living.